What are Signs for the Times Needs

A list of Signs for the Times Needs

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Sponsors & Supporters

VeedVerks--The first sponsor to offer customer Discount codes

Visit Veedverks.com and use code SIGNS18 to save on your order and Veedverks will donate to Signs for the Times!

Nuvolution Dating Meeting Space

Denver NPO Nuvolution has offered meeting space for the Signs for the Times training event October 17th - 21st.

Integral Education & Consulting, LLC to host Train-the Trainer

Along with the Signs for the Times educational event, Dr. Regina Nelson will host 24 Trainers licensing her Cannacian Level One curriculum. Visit www.myecstherapy.org to find out how you can train along with the Signs for the Times Team.

Colorado Hemp Company

Colorado Hemp Company has been an incredible support of Signs for the Times. To learn more about their events visit http://cohempco.com/ 

MJ for MDs Conference donates Booth

Dr. Regina Nelson will be speaking about Signs for the Times at the Mj for MDs Conference in Denver, CO October 14th -16th. The organizers have donated a booth to help Signs for the Times raise the funds needed to reach their goal.

Get Involved

Contact Shay@myecstherapy.org to get involved with Signs for the Times.

Signs for the Times Sponsorships Grow!

Colorado NORML

Colorado NORML

Flora's Mercantile

Visit www.veedverks.com for holiday shoppping! Bundled packages include Flora's, Veedverks, and Books by Dr. Regina Nelson.

Hold an October Fundraiser!

Hold a Signs for the Times fundraiser at your retail location and we'll share your support and logo here!

American Medical Refugees

An incredible NPO supporting families with children moving to Colorado for cannabis therapy.

Third Day Coop

Helping patients learn to grow!

Join us for a Fundraiser in Denver 10/9

Cait Curley is hosting a Signs for the Times fundraiser! Join us October 9th in Denver!